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Tavifest 2018

An event we organise for a charity close to our hearts !


Tavifest is an all-day music festival in the aid of Pancreatic Cancer Action. All the organisers of Tavifest have been affected by pancreatic cancer, which is the UK’s fifth biggest killer, with the rise in obesity and diabetes, it has the lowest survival rate of all the major cancers of just 4%, many die within a few weeks as there is little awareness of the symptoms and diagnosis is often too late, Let’s put this in perspective, if 500 turn up to Tavifest today and are all were diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, there will be around 20 left after 12 months, of that 20 around 2 or 3 will still be alive after 10 years, so we need to raise awareness and much needed funds for research, and what better way than with music!

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Tavifest 2018 was a fantastic success, a charity held close to our family's  heart having lost a very much loved Father / father in law and grandfather far too quick. So we are already planning Tavifest 2019, it looks set to be a 2 day event , with some well know headliners! 

Watch this space !